The Munir Arshad Memorial Trust was established in the memory of late Captain Munir Arshad. He, his wife and two daughters lost their lives while traveling in the Iran Air passenger plane, which was shot down over the Persian Gulf at the height of the Iran-Iraq war. He had just spent four years as the Defense Attache, at Pakistan Embassy in Tehran, and was on posting back to Pakistan.

Captain Munir Arshad, besides being a career Naval Officer, was an intellectual and a kind hear-ted person always ready to help the poor. After his death, his successors agreed to endow his property and assets for the welfare of the under privileged. Hence the Munir Arshad Memorial Trust (MAMT) was established and registered in October 1994. The objectives of this trust are: “To sponsor/support welfare schemes, programs and activities in educational, medical and humanitarian fields in Pakistan”. The Board of Trustees of MAMT considered various options of welfare work for the under privileged, and decided to work for education and vocational training of poor rural children around Multan.

The Trustees of MAMT also fe1t the need for close association with an organization experienced in working for education. In 1996, they signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Tamer-e-Millat Foundation (TMF), a dynamic and a progressive organization with similar objectives as those of MAMT.