Future Vision

With the construction of three large school buildings and related infrastructure in a remote,rural area, a firm base has been established for our educational endeavors. However, our vision and plans for the future require much more to be done. The premises has the requisite land available, with just a fraction of the 20 acres used up to date. However, the expansion of our educational and vocational pursuits requires substantial financial resources.

Serious socioeconomic pressures force have been forcing many of our students from poorer backgrounds to leave school to be able to contribute towards supporting their families. A priority that has thus emerged is to set up a vocational institute, to ensure that students who cannot continue their studies beyond matriculation, can learn a vocation to be able to earn a decent living.

Our plans for the future are to establish:

  • An Institute of Technology, to transform into a College of Technology
  • A Teacher Training Institute
  • A School for Agriculture Studies