Message from the Chairman MAMT: Major General (R) Waheed-ud-Din Arshad

Message from the Principal MAMT Schools: Mrs.Shamim Saeed
September 12, 2018


A journey that MAMT began some years ago based on the premise that ” it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness ” has been transforming many a life of the rural poor in Pakistan. In 1996 the MAMT Board had long deliberations on the choice of field to undertake welfare work in. In view of the dismal state of education available to the rural poor in the country, it opted to work in the education sector. While we were able to identify and acquire a large piece of land (24 acres), the funds left over were only enough to construct one building. A Junior School was thus constructed and commenced classes on 19 May 1996. Since then MAMT has come long way with two Higher Secondary Schools, one each for boys and girls, and a College of Commerce.

Along with quality education we make concerted efforts to develop personality and character traits of the children. It is impressed upon our students that the future belongs to young people, and they should prepare themselves to take over. Success is only possible through hard work, thirst for knowledge, and following the teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Pakistan has a bright future, but needs honest and capable leadership in all fields. The peaceful surroundings, and the healthy and conducive environment provided, greatly help develop well rounded individuals.

The institution is fortunate in having Mrs. Shamim Saeed as its founding Principal. Over these years she has worked very hard with great zeal, devotion, and conviction to lead the transformation of the institution, as well as the children studying in it.

Our future plan include starting Graduate classes in Arts and Sciences, establishing a Technical Institute for teaching sophisticated technologies and constructing some residential accommodation for teaching staff. While we pray to ALLAH for guidance and strength, we look forward to continued financial support and assistance from friends and well-wishers to achieve these targets.

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