MAMT’s mission is to make available quality education to poor rural children in a stimulating and congenial environment, to equip them to become responsible adults and productive citizens. Therefore our focus is not merely on teaching the requisite curriculum, but also character building to equip students with high moral values and confidence.

At MAMT schools and college, we strive to develop each student’s intellectual, moral, and physical aspects and institute inner discipline.Our constant endeavor is to encourage our students to be self-assured individuals, responsible of their behavior and decisions, and able to act for the benefit of the wider community. We try to make them motivated Pakistanis and good Muslims. We ensure provision of adequate opportunities for participation in co-Curricular and extra-Curricular activities to develop well-rounded personalities.

We impress upon all our students that the process of learning is endless. Education is not just a matter of acquiring knowledge for a qualification. It is application of knowledge to face life’s challenges with courage & conviction. We believe that we are all teachers if we can convey what we know to our students, and we are all students if we have the will to learn, and the wisdom to accept our ignorance.