Project Plan

The Project has been envisaged as a phased program for establishing an educational and vocational campus for about 1400 boys and girls in rural Multan.

Phase-I (completed)

  • Establish a Pilot Junior School in Multan.
  • Purchase suitable land (20 to 25 acres) in rural Multan for an educational and vocational campus.
  • Develop infrastructure and construct one building on priority basis to move the Junior School to permanent site.

Phase-II (completed)

  • Prepare feasibility study of the project.
  • Prepare a Master Plan of the campus.
  • Construct building for High School.

Phase-III (completed)

  • Construct one residence for a staff member.
  • Construct a building for Higher Secondary School and College.
  • Build a Mosque to serve the Campus as well as the surrounding community.
  • Establish a Vocational Center for uneducated women of the area.

Phase-IV (immediate future)

  • Construct some residences for teachers.
  • Build a Hostel for senior students.
  • Construct an Auditorium.

The buildings completed to date adhere to high construction standards,and are designed and built with the concept of effective administrative control as well as security.